Door Knocker 101: Which Door Knocker is right for you?

24th May 2021

Door Knocker 101: Which Door Knocker is right for you?

Door Knockers have come a long way since their invention, with new practical and aesthetic features being added to create a selection of multi-purpose front door furniture. We take a look at some of these decked out Door Knockers and help you figure out which of these features will have the greatest benefit to you.

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Front Door Filming

One of the more technologically advanced Knockers we have come across, this type of front door furniture is made to look like that of a traditional Door Knocker, but with the added benefit of a camera placed inside it.

Not too dissimilar to the smart doorbells that have sky rocketed in popularity over recent years, Door Knocker/Peephole Cameras provide peace of mind to nervous homeowners by giving them the comfort of knowing that they can keep an eye on their property, even when they are away.


These kinds of devices are available with plenty of extra features to maximise the security and surveillance of any property, including motion detection, night vision and in the case of some models, these devices can be linked to smartphone apps that will offer on-the-go surveillance for when a property is completely unoccupied. An added benefit of choosing a Door Knocker Camera over a smart doorbell is that the camera placed inside one of these Door Knockers could be easily mistaken for a standard peephole, unlike the universally recognisable smart doorbell, making for more authentic surveillance.

In the unfortunate case that theft or vandalism does occur, many of these devices are equipped with facilities to store footage so you can take the appropriate action if needed.

While these features are all extremely useful in keeping your home as safe as possible, they can come at a cost, both financially and practically.

In some devices, these added extras while present, do not feature the high quality needed to make them run as efficiently and effectively as you may want them to. For example, many of these cameras are not designed to accommodate for high resolution quality, leaving you with a grainy and hard to decipher image. As well as this, if a particular device is operated through a Wi-Fi connection, if there are issues with these connections then the device will be rendered useless. On top of the issues you may experience with devices such as these, they can be significantly more expensive than standard Door Knockers or even standard CCTV/Home Security cameras, and also come with the cost of any electrical repairs to fix any issues that may arise.

Door Knockers with cameras can be a useful combination of traditional and modern approaches to front door furniture, but it can be a difficult toss up between what benefit this kind of technology can give you versus the cost and upkeep of these devices.

Take A Peek Through The Peephole

Peepholes have become a standard feature in most modern doors, but there are some that still have no way of determining who is at their door until they open it.

However, there is now a convenient solution to this seemingly common issue, in the form of a Door Knocker with its very own peephole!

This all-in-one solution eliminates the need to install a Peephole and a Door Knocker separately and unlike the Door Knockers with Cameras, there is no upkeep and maintenance involved to keep the peephole feature of your Door Knocker in perfect working order. As well as this, the upside to not having a peephole already installed is that you can now place it wherever it suits you best, so if you wanted to remain unseen by whoever is at your door, placing your Door Knocker and Peephole to the side should eliminate this concern.

Some minor issues that you may find with this style of Door Knocker is that the Peephole function obviously does not have the continuous surveillance capabilities of a camera, and even when you are available to see who is at your front door, the view you are given is still the classic fish-eye style distorted view you'd expect from a standard Peephole.

To shop our range of Door Knockers with Peepholes, you can find them here.


Animal Adornment

Thinking of how to add a grandiose touch to your front door? Or maybe a whimsical nod to your favourite animal or era? Now you can with new designs of Door Knockers popping up constantly. The top trend in the Door Knocker market seems to be in the direction of animals, with some seemingly exploding in popularity. To read more about this topic, check out our recent post on the buzz behind the Bumblebee Door Knocker.

You really are spoiled for choice when you're in the market for an animal adornment for your front door, whether it be a dainty bumblebee, a majestic lion or even a snail if that's your style, there's a Door Knocker out there for everyone.

These types of Door Knockers are the perfect way to add a personal touch to your home before you have even entered, and you could even customise your door further based on your new Door Knocker, experimenting with different door colours and the finishes of your other door furniture to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look that you can enjoy.

To shop our own range of animal Door Knockers, you can find them here.


Door Knocker Dilemmas?

We hope that we've made it easier for you to choose the Door Knocker that fits your needs and style perfectly. Whether you're looking for sophisticated surveillance or decorative front door furniture, here at IronmongeryDirect we can ensure you will have everything you need for your new decked out door.

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