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Ideas & Inspiration

Finding the best apprenticeship for you
Apprenticeships are a great way to kick start your chosen trade career. There’s a huge range of apprenticeships available to choose from, helping you get career-changing qualifications while learning firsthand on the job.
How much do apprenticeships pay?
Every apprenticeship is different, and so are the wages that come with it. There's no fixed wage for an apprentice, and typically your salary will be affected by three major factors: your employer, the industry you're working in and the level of your apprenticeship.
Funding an Apprenticeship: A Guide for Employers
Have you decided to hire an apprentice for the first time? An excellent way of supporting someone embarking on a new career, and a fantastic opportunity to add new talent to your team, there are a number of ways employers can find funding to help with apprenticeships.
How much will you be taxed as an apprentice?
Apprenticeships allow you to get applicable experience, relevant qualifications and a head start in your chosen career. As an apprentice, you’ll do a combination of work and training overseen by an employer and an educational facility. You’ll be entitled to many of the same benefits as regular employees, including a wage.
How to use the Apprenticeship Levy
If you're unfamiliar with the Apprenticeship Levy, then you're in the right place. This is a government-led scheme designed to help increase the number of apprenticeships available in the UK, and we're here to help you get to grips with the basics so you can make the most of funds currently accessible to your business.
Apprenticeships and Covid-19: Looking ahead to 2021
Apprentices are a huge asset for the trades, allowing newcomers to get vital hands-on experience, while giving tradespeople and firms an extra set of hands to help with the workload.
A 10-step guide to creating your own outdoor kitchen
During lockdown, many Brits turned to DIY to help them pass the time, and when it comes to tackling your own home renovations, tradespeople are better equipped than most.
Get Hired: Expert tips for aspiring apprentices
Unsure what your next steps are for your career? Use our guide to see if apprenticeships are right for you.
Interior trends for 2021
Interior trends over the years have never ceased to amaze us, here are some trends we might see in 2021.
Hiring apprentices: Everything you need to know
Thinking about hiring an apprentice? Our guide can provide you with all the information you need in your decision to hire an apprentice
So, you want to be a joiner?
Choosing a trade can sometimes be overwhelming and can be hard to find the right answers. Use our guide to see if becoming a joiner is in your future.
Getting started on social media: A tradesperson’s guide
It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to social media. If you’re a tradesperson who wants to set up social media for your business, take a look at our top tips.
Whether you’re planning a simple refresh, or a wider kitchen renovation scheme, we have you covered. Our Senior Category Manager, David Saxby reveals some key products from our range that can help elevate the heart of any home.
Six tips for boosting your trade business using social media
The power of social media for businesses is stronger than ever before but knowing how to get the most out of the popular marketing tool can be tricky. In fact, our latest research shows nearly nine in 10 (85%) tradespeople aren’t sure how to use social channels effectively to boost their business, despite half (47%) saying it gets them more work.
Keeping up with Covid: What Tradespeople need to know over the 2020 festive period
On the 2nd December, the UK exited a second lockdown into a new 3-tiered system. Just as within the second lockdown, tradespeople in the UK are permitted to carry on working in each tier, as long as they’re not considered “high risk”.
2020 a year of customer improvements during adversity
Over the past 12 months, we’ve been working tirelessly through the pandemic to further improve our service offering, helping to ensure that we deliver more for our customers than ever before. Read on, to discover the top ten improvements we’ve made to our business and how it will benefit you...
Get winter ready with IronmongeryDirect!
Now is the the perfect time to prepare for winter – and beyond. In this blog, our Senior Category Manager, David Saxby shares some of the key projects to tackle this season and suggests the products and solutions for each.

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