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        Multipoint Window Handles

        Browse our huge range of multipoint window handles and choose from a wide selection of types and colours to suit both timber and uPVC windows. Brands include ERA, Hoppe, Trojan and Yale.

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        Choosing The Right Multipoint Window Handle

        Multipoint Window Handles are a cost effective way to make a property more secure and are easy to install. There are two main handle types that we offer, one is an espagnolette which operates a multipoint window lock via a spindle and the other which secures the window using a cockspur on the inside of the building.

        The spindles supplied with the first type of these handles measure 7 x 40mm which suits standard window locks but can also be cut to size. If replacing existing handles, be sure to measure the distance from the underside of the handle to the end of the spindle, as this is the part that will be in the window itself. The part in the handle could differ inside depending on the size of the handles so this should be taken into consideration. This instructional video shows how easy it is to replace this type of handle, although make sure your volume is set low as it is very loud!

        Cockspur window handles are suitable for windows which don’t have a multipoint lock installed and provide an alternative way of locking the window. A cockspur is a lever which comes out of the side of the handle and overlaps the frame to ensure that the window cannot be opened from the outside. The height of the cockspur from the base of the handle can be either 9mm, 12mm or 21mm, and we also sell wedges which can be fitted to bridge any gap and ensure a tight closing action.

        All of our handles will lock automatically when clicked shut and can then be opened by pressing a button at the same time as lifting the lever. For extra security they can also be deadlocked shut using a key which will be supplied.

        Other options to consider include whether the handle should be right or left handed, inline or offset and of course which colour they should be. Unsurprisingly our most popular products are white to match modern uPVC windows, but we also sell plenty of chrome, gold and black handles among others.

        Finally, all of our handles come with the required fixings and also screw covers to ensure that the screws are concealed once the job is finished.