How The Trade Does It: Building A Garden Bar With IronmongeryDirect & RUMI Custom Cabins

6th August 2021

How The Trade Does It: Building A Garden Bar With IronmongeryDirect & RUMI Custom Cabins

The next instalment of our Outdoor Projects series saw us team up with RUMI Custom Cabins to show you how the experts create an outdoor bar fit for any garden or summer event. We had the privilege of joining the RUMI team on site to see first-hand how they construct their garden bars, and we have a brief rundown of how they do it in just 4 days!

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Day 1:

Day one focused primarily on constructing the framework of the bar, the morning consisted of cutting all of the timber to size, fixing the feet and notching the top for the roof to fit to later. The afternoon then involves fixing the timber in to place to complete the framework. These steps were completed using screws supplied to the RUMI team by IronmongeryDirect.

Products used on Day 1:

Spax Washer Head T Star Screw - 6.0 x 100mm - Stainless Steel - Pack of 100 (552543)


Day 2:

The second day of the project is when the roof of the bar went up, this involved cutting the timber to size just like for the framework, and constructing the roof on top of the framework installed the day before. Once the framework and roof were completed, the process of fitting the cladding began. This is also the time in which the first round of electrics was installed, this included running wiring for the essential electrical components of a garden bar.

You can find all of the cables and management solutions you could need from our sister site, ElectricalDirect.

Day 3:

The third day of the project is when the interior and practical aspects of the bar were installed. After finishing up the cladding, these practical aspects include creating and installing the external bar overhang and constructing and fixing shelving on to the right-hand wall and inner side of the bar overhang.


The next step on day three was to make and install the door of the bar. To make this possible, we supplied the RUMI team with our high-quality Door Hinges, Bolts, Latches and a Padlock for extra security and peace of mind.


Next was to fix the entire structure to the ground and the timber, using our Angle Brackets and Bolts, and the final step on day three was to commence the construction of the shutters.

Products used on Day 3:

Olde Forge Plain Shelf Bracket - 152 x 152mm – Black - x2 (404705)

Altro Fluted Steel Angle Bracket - 200 x 150mm - Galvanised - Pack of 5 (623618)

Heavy Duty Tee Hinge - 250 x 100mm - Black Powder Coated – Pair (487586)

Cup Square Hex Bolt with Nut - M6 x 75mm - Zinc Plated - Pack of 10 (397595)

Easy Close Auto Catch - 40 x 50 x 45mm – Black (165923)

Brenton Pattern Padlock Bolt - 170 x 45 x 36mm – Black (676595)

Disc Padlock - 70mm Body - 16 x 22mm Shackle Clearance - Keyed Alike Key 1 - Stainless Steel (740895)

Simpson Strong Tie Adjustable Angle Brackets - 70 x 50 x 30mm – x4 (193156)

Rawlplug Sleeve Anchor Projecting Bolt - M10 - 60 x 15 x 21mm - Pack of 25 (257746)

TIMCO Solo Coach Screw - 8 x 100mm - Yellow Zinc (559826)

Day 4:

The fourth and final day involved completing work on the shutters and fixing them to the bar, using the same screws that were involved in the initial framework, and installing bolts to hold the shutters in place from the inside.

After this, is when the final round of electrical work took place, this included installing lighting to the rear walls. The RUMI Team chose to use colour changing up/down lights for a full customised lighting set-up.

To find the lighting set-up that fits your needs, head over to our sister site – ElectricalDirect, to shop our full range.

Products used on Day 4:

Hampstead Straight Barrel Bolt - 80 x 38mm - Satin Stainless Steel – x4 (291787)

Forum Ashby 2.5W Colour Changing Up or Down LED Wall Light with Remote – Black – x2 (224390)

And that is how the RUMI Custom Cabins team created this summer staple in the form of a garden bar using some of our essential products!


A garden bar is a great way to turn your average garden or commercial outdoor space in to a social hub for casual summer days and nights, and now you know how it’s done by the experts, you could have one up and ready in time to enjoy the rest of the summer with a drink in hand.

To find out more about how the RUMI team illuminate their garden bars – check out our post on our sister site – ElectricalDirect.

To find out more about RUMI Custom Cabins and their other projects – you can find their Facebook page here.


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