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Fire DoorChecklist

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Fitting a Fire Door

Follow the below simplified checklist to make sure your customers' fire door hardware is compliant.

Please refer to Document B of The Building Regulations 2010 (Fire Safety) for the full regulations.

For free advice on fire door products contact the masters by email at or by phone on 03332 226 055 (included in your mobile minutes)


Fitting a Fire Door

Follow the below simplified checklist to make sure your customers' fire door hardware is compliant.

Please refer to Document B of The Building Regulations 2010 (Fire Safety) for the full regulations.

For free advice on fire door products contact the masters by email at or by phone on 03332 226 055 (included in your mobile minutes)

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Hinges 1/6

  • Are there a minimum of 3 hinges with all screws fitted?
  • Are all the screws the correct size?
  • Are the hinges free of metal fragments and oil leakage which could be signs of wear?
  • Are the hinges marked with a CE stamp? Check the grade of the hinge is correct for the door
  • If the hinges squeak when the door closes they must be replaced
  • Fit the top hinge 200mm from the top of the door and the middle hinge 250mm further down from the centre point of the top hinge and the bottom hinge 200mm from the bottom of the door
  • Check that intumescent pads have been fitted in the correct material
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Signs 2/6

  • If the door has a closer, does the door display the correct signage on both sides?
  • Check the correct signage has been fitted to the door and is in accordance with BS5499
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hold open devices

Hold Open Devices (e.g. Dorgard)

  • Does the hold open device release the door when required?
  • Is the hold open device flashing or beeping? If yes, when were the batteries last changed?
  • Check the device has been tested in accordance with EN1155 for electromechanical devices
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door closers

Door Closers 4/6

  • Open the door to 5 degrees or 75mm. Does it close and engage the latch?
  • Is the closer free from damage and not leaking?
  • It's recommended that a minimum of power size 3 should be used and the closer must be CE marked
  • Check that the closing time of the door is no longer than 25 seconds
  • It must be tested and CE marked in the position it is fitted
  • If a concealed overhead door closer is used it must also be fitted with the correct intumescent material
  • Need a hand figuring our which door closer you need? Check out our Door Closer Calculator!
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locks & latches

Locks & Latches 5/6

  • Does the latch hold the door firmly in place without rattling?
  • Is the lock fitted with the correct intumescent?
  • Are they CE marked?
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seals & vision panels

Seals & Vision Panels 6/6

  • Timber fire doors must have intumescent material fitted.
  • Are the intumescent seals in place?
  • Check the seal for damage/breakage
  • Check the gap around the door frame is constant and less then 4mm when the door is closed. The Gap under te door can be up to 8mm but you should not be able to see light under the door.
  • Are the intumescent glazing seals free from damage and tested to BS 476 Pt22?
  • Vision Panels in doors are needed where doors on escape routes sub-divide corridors


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