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Opening doors to new possibilities

With an increased focus on open living and maximising all available space, David Saxby, Senior Category Manager, explains the many benefits of installing pocket doors and how they can transform light and space in the home…

Pocket doors are a great way to add a modern, practical and stylish touch to any property. A common feature in many European homes, they have become increasingly popular in UK interior design due to their neat, slick appearance and functionality.

Creating space

Whatever the requirement, pocket doors can provide an innovative solution to optimise floor space anywhere in the home. Unlike traditional hinged doors, pocket doors simply slide along a horizontal track into a cavity in the wall, mitigating the need to use extra space around each doorway. They are a particularly good solution for loft conversions or ensuite bathrooms, where space is often at a premium.

Pocket doors come in many variations and styles, creating a sleek and seamless look that cannot be achieved with swing doors. Whilst it is a much simpler process for pocket doors to be specified during a new build, they can also be retrofitted in existing properties as part of a renovation project.

By not swallowing up unnecessary floor space with doors that open into a room, properties can feel instantly and exponentially larger. The extra floor space created by pocket doors can also improve accessibility for wheelchair users or those who are blind or sight impaired.


Pocket doors can provide homeowners with all the benefits of open plan living whilst also offering the flexibility of being able to divide up a room, changing the function of a space as need and occasion dictates. The sense of flow between rooms can also be improved and this investment pays on its returns with better value when reselling a property.

For those living in snug studio apartments, installing two single pocket doors together as a double door system can add a level of privacy and create clear and distinct ‘zones’ for living, eating and socialising. This option avoids the problems of adding solid walls and doors that can make a space feel smaller and darker.

The importance of acoustics

Although there are countless benefits to open plan living, a downside is that sound travels more easily, meaning that noise levels are often elevated. Using pocket doors to divide areas dampens the sound, providing a comfortable level of privacy and solitude without cutting off rooms indefinitely.

A soft closer can also be fitted to allow the doors to open and close quietly whilst reducing the risk of trapped fingers. This is particularly valuable for cohabiters working on different time schedules or for families with young children.

Let there be light

It is well known that exposure to natural sunlight provides a whole host of health benefits including boosting the immune system, improving sleep quality and increasing vitamins B and D. As a result, glass pocket doors are an increasingly popular choice for homeowners in order to maximise light when building a home or undertaking an extension or renovation.

As well as making a home lighter and brighter, natural light also gives the illusion of more space and softens the barrier between the outside and inside of a property. With the current focus on emphasizing the relationship between humankind and nature, glass pocket doors remove frame lines that could impair a view of the garden and provide a seamless blend with nature all year-round.

A stylish addition to the home

Whilst adding a level of practicality, sliding doors do not have to be plain and can add a ‘wow factor’ design feature which changes the appearance of a home. Since the doors blend in with the décor, a look can be created to match personal preferences.

Whether you’re looking for a rustic barn-style door for a country farmhouse, or bespoke coloured glass for a more modern and contemporary look, there are a wide range of pocket door styles to suit any design preference. They can even be completely disguised by being papered with the same wallpaper used on the surrounding walls.

Tuesday 11 August, 2020

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