Measurements you need to fit door furniture

Measurements you need to fit door furniture

7th July 2022

Measurements you need to fit door furniture

When it comes to door furniture installation, knowing the exact measurements you need is just as important as any other tool or fixture involved. We take a look at all of the measurements required to fit door furniture to all types of doors, as well as industry standard measurements to look out for, resulting in a perfect door furniture installation.

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Door Thickness

Obtaining an accurate measurement of door thickness will ensure that your new door furniture will fit perfectly within all parts of the door. This measurement can be obtained simply by measuring from the inside of the door to the outside or vice versa. This measurement is particularly important when fitting door handles and door knobs, as this will ensure that the handle or knob fits exactly right on both sides of the door.

Most interior doors have an industry standard thickness of 35mm, while exterior doors and FD30 fire doors tend to have a thickness of 44mm. When it comes to more specialist doors such as modern uPVC doors and heavy-duty insulated doors, they are often much thicker.

Even though the majority of doors will fit within these industry standard measurements, it is still important to measure your doors thickness, just in case the door is a more bespoke thickness.

Stile Width

Stile width refers to the width of the vertical sections of the door that are on the outside edge. This consists of a standard stile on the hinge side, and a lock stile on the side that contains the door lock or latch.

The stile width of a door is determined by measuring from the edge of the door to any moulding or panelling fitted on to the door. The Stile Width is important to know when looking to fit a range of door furniture, including hinges, locks and latches, door handles and door knobs.

If the stile width of a door is too narrow, this limits the type of fixtures that can be installed. In the case of door knobs, this issue can often be worked around by installing them in the mid rail section of a door.

Door Stiles are commonly 95mm wide, but some specific styles of door can have Stiles as narrow as 70mm, so make sure you measure your Door Stiles before purchasing any door furniture.

Stile Width Measurement


A backset measurement is the horizontal distance between of the door lock or latch, to the keyhole, handle, knob, lock cylinder, or even for initial stages of fitting, the bore hole in the door.

The industry standard for backset measurements include:

·         44mm

·         57mm

·         82mm

·         107mm

·         130mm

There are a few small factors to consider when it comes to choosing door furniture with an appropriate backset. If you are working with a glazed door, it is suggested that a shorter backset is used to prevent issues involving the latch mechanism coming in to contact with the rebate of the glass.

On the other hand, if you are fitting a door knob, a longer backset is highly recommended. This is due to the fact that if the door knob is fitted too closely to the door, there would not be enough space to operate the door knob comfortably.

Centres (or Centre-to-Centre)

As the name suggests, this measurement is obtained by calculating the distance between the centre of the spindle hole, to the centre of the lock hole. It is important to note that different types of locks require different centres measurements.

The industry standard measurements for the most common lock types include:

·         Lever Lock – 47.5mm

·         Bathroom Lock – 47.5mm

·         Oval Profile Cylinder Lock – 48.5mm

·         Euro Profile Cylinder Lock – 47.5mm

·         Multipoint Euro Profile Lock – 70mm/92mm (depending on Stile Width)

Just like with every other measurement mentioned, it is important to get your centre measurements before purchasing any door furniture.

Once all of these measurements have been taken, you should have everything you need to purchase the perfect door furniture every time. Here at IronmongeryDirect, we stock an expansive range of Door Furniture and Front Door Furniture that is suitable for an array of projects, from bedrooms to bathrooms.