How to cover Air Vents in a wall

30th June 2022

How to cover Air Vents in a wall

Air vents can be unsightly for many homeowners, and have the potential of spoiling a home’s carefully created aesthetic. To avoid this happening to you and your home, we’ve shared some great solutions that can help you disguise the air vents on your wall, as well as some useful tips along the way.

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What is an Air Vent? 

Simply put, air vents are designed to help ventilate your home, removing any stale air that can often be created. Air vents also play a crucial role in reducing the possibility of any damp or condensation within your property. As a result of proper ventilation, your home will feel fresher and more comfortable.

Try to conceal your Air Vent

 There are a few ways you can keep your air vent out of sight – and out of mind. One way is to install a floating shelf directly in front of the air vent. This will keep the air vent well-hidden when the shelf is full. Plus, floating shelves will add a contemporary look to your home.

 Alternatively, you can hang a piece of artwork, photos, or trinkets over your air vent. However, it’s worth noting that you shouldn’t cover the air vent completely, always leaving a couple of inches exposed.

 Repaint your Air Vent

 Repainting is quick, cost-effective and a straightforward way to solve your air vent problem. Here’s the best way to do this:

1.      Start by choosing the colour you’d like to spray paint your air vent. Ideally, you want this to be the exact same colour as your walls, in order to avoid any colour clashes. Tip: Try taking an image of your wall so that you know for sure which colour spray paint you need to purchase.


2.      Use a screwdriver to unscrew the air vent from the wall. The screws will be small, and you’ll need them to reattach the air vent at the end, so make sure you collect them all and keep them safe.


3.      Once all screws are removed, carefully pull out the vent from the duct. Tip: Try cleaning the air vent first, which will remove any dust particles.  


4.      Find a well-ventilated area of your home, or a large open space outside (recommended) so you can prepare to spray paint your air vent. Tip: Don’t forget to wear protective gear.


5.      Begin to spray paint your air vent. Stay at least six inches away throughout and spray slowly – in a horizontal fashion.


6.      Wait at least two hours for the paint to dry.


7.      Securely screw your air vent back onto the wall.


Make sure you carefully follow the instructions of your chosen spray paint. You should also ensure the spray you purchase beforehand is safe to use on metal surfaces.

Replace Air Vent 

Refresh the look of your air vent by purchasing a patterned air vent cover of your choice. You can find a range of unique air vent covers right here at IronmongeryDirect, from Air Brick vents to Hooded Louvre Vents. What’s more, our brilliant collection of air vents are available in an assortment of colours and finishes, which means you can easily match the design with your home’s interior.

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