Garden Gate Lock Guide

9th June 2022

Garden Gate Lock Guide

Your garden should be a safe space - somewhere you and your family can enjoy exercising, barbeques or simply relaxing as the day’s get longer. With that in mind, many people leave things lying around like gardening equipment, bicycles and such, sadly making break-ins commonplace. That’s why garden gate locks serve a crucial purpose in protecting your belongings. We’ll take you through some of the most common garden gate locks and explain how they function.

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What is a Garden Gate Lock?

 To put it simply, a garden gate lock is a latch that is fitted onto a gate and helps secure your garden from trespassers. Whilst there are a range of effective garden gate locks on the market, the most basic lock consists of a metal bar and lever that allows users to open and close the gate. Alternatively, gates can be secured by simply using a padlock.


What Garden Gate Lock should I buy?

 Whether you have a wooden gate or a metal gate, keep your home safe and secure with these garden gate locks:

Keypad Gate Lock  

With a keypad gate lock, you’ll never need a key again. As the name suggests, this type is designed with a keypad and can only be opened with the correct passcode. That means no key is required, all you need to do is remember your unique code to open your gate.

Most commonly, the code is numerical and is punched into the keypad which is designed as part of the lock itself. What’s more, keypad locks aren’t specific to one type of gate material or style. For instance, you can purchase keypad locks for wooden gates too.

Double Sided Gate Lock

 Many gate locks allow locking only from one side and can be inconvenient to lock if you’re at the opposite side. That’s why a double-sided gate lock is a popular lock type for homeowners.

 This simple mechanism is designed to grant you access into your garden from both inside and out. Plus, installation is quick and easy – so if you feel confident enough, you could easily fit it yourself.

Long Throw Gate Lock

 Long throw gate locks have become increasingly more popular over recent years and are ideal for securing single or double gates. They use a latch, as well as a keyway, for extra security and absolute peace of mind. 

These tend to be suitable for gates with a thickness of up to 70mm. Although, it’s worth noting that this may vary depending on your chosen manufacturer. Make sure you double check the instructions beforehand, that way you’ll know for sure if the lock is suitable for your garden gate.

Gate Lock with a Handle

A gate lock with a handle is a fairly common lock and can be found on a range of garden gates around the UK, from wooden to aluminium. Convenient, simple and smooth – a gate lock with a handle is an effective way of securing your garden. Its mechanism consists of a handle and keyway, which means a key is needed for entry.  

Emergency Exit Gate Lock

Typically found in schoolyards, this mechanism is strategically placed and allows users to quickly exit an area during an emergency. These only grant entrance from one side and are generally found on metal gates.

Other Security Measures

Here are a few more home security measures that can help prevent theft:

Garden Lighting

Break-ins usually occur at night, where intruders use the darkness to hide their identity. Which is why outdoor garden lighting is a great way to deter burglars from entering your property. If a burglar sees a property with garden lighting, they’re likely to find a darker home instead. 

Larger Fencing

Tall fencing is another practical way of discouraging a potential intruder. The taller the fence, the more difficult it is for the trespasser to climb over and enter your garden.

Gravel Driveways

As well as contributing to a garden’s overall aesthetic, gravel also serves a home security purpose. When gravel is used on driveways, it makes it far more difficult for an intruder to go unnoticed - as footsteps can be heard more clearly on gravel. 

Security Cameras

Perhaps the most popular and most effective way to protect your home is by using CCTV. These can be placed around the perimeter of your property, and significantly decreases the chances of your property being targeted.

Not to mention outdoor smart cameras, which enable you to monitor your garden 24/7 via an app on your mobile.


Are you interested in an upgrading your garden gate lock? At IronmongeryDirect we have a range of industry-leading garden gate locks, as well as other garden hardware, that are designed to help keep the things that matter to you safe.


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