Expert advice for tradespeople on how to continue learning throughout your career

Expert advice for tradespeople on how to continue learning throughout your career

20th September 2022

Expert advice for tradespeople on how to continue learning throughout your career

There’s always something new to learn in the life of a tradesperson, and our recent research found that half (50%) of workers enjoy doing extra training to keep up with the latest industry developments. However, many say that their professional development has plateaued, and more than two in five (45%) would like to carry on learning but face barriers that prevent them from doing so.

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That’s why we’ve partnered with Liz Sebag-Montefiore, director and co-founder of career and talent management consultancy 10Eighty, to give five top tips on how people can continue learning throughout their careers.

1) Keep technical skills current

“Keep up to date with relevant regulation and industry change by attending courses and webinars to keep your skills current.

“Pay close attention to developments within the sector you're in, looking for ways to get involved in growth areas.”

2) Solve problems 

“Find creative solutions to business problems. Being able to find a solution to a problem can give you as a tradesperson a competitive edge, especially if it allows your team to focus on other issues.

“Understand that as a tradesperson, you are the one driving your career; no one else knows your values, motivations and interests as well as you, so the more you practice planning your career, the better you get at it. People spend longer booking a holiday than they do planning their career, yet a month later a holiday is a distant memory!”

3) Think critically

“Look at projects from every angle and have the confidence and autonomy to complete tasks.

“Remind yourself of the ways in which you add value. Spend time once a week to record what you’ve learned and achieved and record the feedback you've received. Just 5-10 minutes of weekly planning will help to deepen your self-awareness, hone your career goals, and document your value.”

4) Show initiative

“Pick up tasks as required or without being asked. Helping team members during busy periods of business will not only benefit your employer, but will benefit your team.

“Link your achievements to your career goals and discuss these goals with your manager. Develop and maintain positive relationships with people who can help you to further your career.

“Seek opportunities to work with people who energize you - these opportunities are much more likely to occur when you actively hunt them out.”

5) Improve communication skills

“Employers expect tradespeople to confidently communicate. Strategies for improving your communication skills include volunteering for public speaking, drafting memos or leading meetings.

“Successful employees are constantly looking for ways they can develop in their careers and are continually improving their skill sets - the best way is to concentrate on one goal or skill at a time.”


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