BS 8300 Buyers Guide

30th June 2021

BS 8300 Buyers Guide

Regulations are an important part of any project, ensuring that certain standards are met so that any building is safe and functional, as well as meeting the specific needs of the occupants.

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One of the most important regulations around is British Standard 8300 (BS 8300). These regulations focus on making sure that any fixtures designed to improve accessibility meet the requirements necessary to guarantee that they function in a way that best suits the needs of any client.

Occasionally, these regulations require updating to continue to provide the highest level of accessibility for those that need it, and we want to make sure that every tradesperson is aware of these important changes.

We’ve put together a guide applying these updated regulations to some of our most popular products to make sure you’re fully in the know about all things accessibility!

Check out our BS 8300 Guide here.

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