The number of burglaries in the UK is falling, down a full 71% since 1995. While this may sound like good news, as you’ll find out in our new home security infographic, your home could still be in danger. There are an estimated 1.33 burglaries each minute in the UK – with seven occurring per 1,000 people!

Of course, there are also areas in the UK that are more dangerous than others. Our infographic used data from MoneySuperMarket to establish the UK’s most burgled and ‘safest’ areas – so count yourself lucky if you hail from any of the safer areas.

So, if you’d like to avoid losing out on an estimated £3,600 per burglary, how do you go about defending yourself? Fortunately, home security systems are more advanced than ever – but they’ve had a long history of development. Some of the most effective technologies were developed hundreds, or thousands, of years ago but are still efficient now. Take the lock, for example. Invented in Ancient Egypt and perfected over the years, the modern lock is essential. 30% of burglaries are through open windows or unlocked doors!

For a more ‘organic’ security system, you could always follow the Ancient Romans and get a dog. But you may end up in trouble with the law, considering a dog biting a trespasser can be prosecutable unless it happens within the actual confines of your home.

As you can see in the image above, the medieval castle is long gone. However, you can borrow the idea of fortifying your home by performing a few simple home security steps, such as locking your windows and removing climbing access points such as bins.
CCTV and alarm systems are a more modern, but effective form of home security. Alarm systems deter around 60% of burglars in the US – but CCTV is rarer, with only 5% of 1,292 people in a survey saying they had installed the somewhat expensive systems.

Ultimately, one of the best ways to deter burglaries is to keep things simple. Window locks, indoor lights on a timer, external motion sensor lights and double door locks were found to make homes 50x safer! With stats like that, you can’t really ignore your locks. You can browse our range of home security products here.
Of course, security is always evolving. From the early days of Ancient Egyptian locks to modern CCTV, home security systems are getting better and better at reducing burglaries. In the not too distant future, sci-fi sounding fully robotic guards and electronically controlled security may not be the stuff of fiction….