Keeping up with Covid: What Tradespeople Need to Know Over the 2020 Festive Period

8th December 2020

Keeping up with Covid: What Tradespeople Need to Know Over the 2020 Festive Period

With restrictions easing slightly in the run-up to the festive season, we can’t forget all of the measures that still remain in place to keep us all safe. Here is a quick reminder of the on-site rules that still apply to your business.

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On the 2nd December, the UK exited a second lockdown into a new 3-tiered system. Just as within the second lockdown, tradespeople in the UK are permitted to carry on working in each tier, as long as they’re not considered “high risk”. With many homeowners and businesses looking to continue with their renovations ahead of Christmas, here’s how to stay safe at work, according to the government:

Maintain distance

Where possible, you should try and keep a good 2 metres away from others if you’re working within a home or building. If you can, try to arrange and explain everything you need to over the phone beforehand, so you can enter the building and work independently without the need for any contact.

Mask up

If you can, keep your mask on when you’re working in a confined space around people outside of your household. It’s not mandatory to keep it on at all times, but any protective gear lowers your chance of contracting or spreading the virus.

Bring a rubbish bag

Bring your own rubbish receptacle to your job. To minimise contact further, put all of the rubbish you’ve touched into this bag, and dispose of it yourself when you’re done. This is especially important for any used tissues or food and drink packaging.

Politely decline a cuppa

You might want to bring your own flask along with you to your job, because it’s recommended you don’t take a cup of tea or food from a customer while working in their home. Exceptions can obviously apply here if you’re working at a restaurant or food service facility, where they have their own appropriate precautions in place.

Clean up

Make sure that you’re washing your hands throughout your time on the job. The government recommends washing your hands for at least 20 seconds, and preferably with soap and water. If you need to use hand sanitiser, it should contain at least 60% alcohol. When it’s time to leave, be sure to clean and wipe down any surfaces you’ve touched throughout the day.

This guidance is correct at the time of publishing, but the virus and the advice around it can change quickly. Make sure to keep up to date with the latest news around Covid-19 restrictions. Don’t forget to visit our homepage to find great ironmongery products for every project, and read our other blogs for more information around ironmongery and trade.

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