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        Shelving Brackets

        Our range of shelving brackets features types including Wall Brackets, Single Slot and Twin Slot, Floating Shelf Brackets and more.

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        Choosing The Right Shelf Bracket

        When buying shelf brackets it is important to consider not only how the bracket will be attached, but also keeping the health and safety of the user in mind. Selecting a bracket that is not suitable for the amount of weight or size of shelf that it needs to support could put the user at risk, particularly in workplaces. It's also important to determine whether the wall and fixings chosen are suitable to bear the load.

        With this in mind we ensure that all of our brackets state in the product description the load capacity of each bracket when the weight is distributed evenly across them. In warehouses it is a requirement to display the maximum load for racking on the shelving itself. While not a requirement, it is therefore also a good idea to display the maximum load for shelving based on the brackets you have chosen, especially if you are buying on behalf of a customer who you are doing work for. This useful guide from nibusinessinfo.co.uk includes some other good tips for customers to think about which includes making sure the shelf is fitted at an accessible height, the shelves are correctly aligned and are of an adequate size for the items that need to be placed on them.

        As well as the brackets above that are designed to be fitted directly to the wall using the fixings provided, we also stock brackets for single slot and twin slot shelving systems. In these instances it is the slotted uprights which are attached to the wall, with the brackets simply hooked into the slots.

        For those looking for a more minimalist look then floating shelves are becoming increasingly popular, with the floating shelf supports being secured inside the wall itself and slotting into the shelf so that it is not visible. This video on how to fit a floating shelf is worth a watch if this is not something you have attempted before.