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        Intumescent Strips

        Browse our large range of Intumescent Strips designed to help prevent the spread of fire and smoke into other areas of a building. Brands include Lorient, Pyroplex and Sealmaster.

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        Choosing The Right Intumescent Strip

        Intumescent strips are a requirement on all fire doors to ensure that they are compliant with building regulations.

        Typically intumescent strips are self-adhesive and are fitted into a channel cut into the frame of the door. In normal temperatures they remain the same size and do not interfere with the opening and closing of the door, but in the event of a fire the heat causes the strip to expand and fill the gap between the frame and the door.

        As well as being able to help prevent the spread of fire, some strips are also fitted with an attachment designed to reduce the amount of smoke that can travel between the door and the frame. As smoke doesn’t contain the same heat that a fire would the intumescent strip on its own would fail to expand. However, either a brush, flipper or fin on top of the seal will be flexible enough not to impact on the opening and closing of the door but will provide an effective barrier to smoke moving throughout a building.

        We offer a wide selection of types, sizes and colours in order to meet the requirement and style of any door frame that is being worked on. We stock both 30 minute and 60 minute fire rated strips and also the router cutters that make fitting the strips easier and quicker. Finally, customers who purchase intumescent strips often also order drop down seals that are fitted to the bottom of the door which drop when the door is shut. These seals used alongside intumescent strips will provide a solution to help to stop smoke spreading around the entire door.

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