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        Door Knobs

        Our range of door knobs features types including Mortice Knobs , Rim Knobs, Centre Door Knobs and Knobs on Backplate.

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        Choosing The Right Door Knob

        As with most ironmongery, choosing which door knobs to buy for a project can be made easier by focussing on two things – function and appearance. Despite the rise in popularity of door handles, door knobs sales continue to rise showing that there is still a healthy demand. It’s for this reason that we stock a wide range of types and finishes.

        In regards to the function the knob needs to perform, mortice knobs are designed to be used with a mortice lock or latch which has been deep set into the door. Remember that a knob will be positioned further from the edge of the door than a handle as the user will need to fit their fingers around the knob and therefore need more space. The spindle from the knob passes through the lock or latch, meaning that upon turning the knob in an anti-clockwise direction the door will open.

        Rim knobs work in much the same way, but instead the rim lock or latch is fitted to the outside of the door which raises an additional need to choose a door knob that provides a complimentary aesthetic.

        Another type of knob that we offer are centre door knobs, which as opposed to operating a lock or latch are fitted to the outside of a door in and used to pull it shut. Centre knobs meanwhile are normally more decorative than their mortice or rim counterparts.

        On the subject of appearance, our range contains many different finishes, designs and brands so that you can find the perfect door knob for you or your customer. Those looking for a more traditional look will appreciate our brass, antique black, and pewter, knobs, while for a more modern design we have stylish chrome, white porcelain and glass ranges to name but a few. In order to get the appearance of the knob right, important measurements to consider are the diameter of the knob itself, the size of the rose on which it sits and the projection – the measurement from the face of the door to the end of the knob.

        To help people with a limited dexterity it is recommended that door handles are fitted instead of door knobs as they are easier to use. The British Security Industry Association have produced a guide on. Access Control Systems and Disability Discrimination that can be viewed free of charge on their website which includes some useful information in regards to this.