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Door Restrictors

Concealed Door Restrictor / Stop

• Modern answer for restricting the opening angle of doors manufactured from timber PVCu or aluminium
• Slim-line track simply recesses into the top edge of the door leaving only the arm showing when the door is open
• The stopped position is adjustable on site to gain maximum opening angle yet stop the door before it fouls obstructions such as projecting sills, opening casements or down pipes
• An additional feature is that the friction provided by operating the device can be adjusted helping control larger doors, doors opening in windy / exposed positions; this is a useful feature for special needs or elderly users
• Ideal choice for conservatories and external French doors and now commonly fitted as standard by many joinery manufacturers

From Only: £13.90 Each
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Door & Casement Friction Restrictor Stay

• Excellent choice for open out doors, particularly in windy locations
• Helps reduce risk of damage when the door is forcibly thrown open or the wind catches it
• Very strong and simple in design, fit and function
• Simply fix in a position at the head of the door that allows opening to the desired angle, fix in place and then adjust the friction at the pivot point

From Only: £45.50 Each
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Surface Mounted Friction Restraining Stays

• For controlled opening of inward and outward opening doors
• Fixing brackets to suit most applications
• Fully adjustable friction by rotating plastic ferrule
• Length is min-max extended length

From Only: £27.50 Each
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Concealed Door Restrictor / Holder

• This version is routed into the head of the door, making it concealed when the door is closed and only the arm (often painted on site) visible when the door is opened
• This stay also features a built in clip arrangement enabling choice of hold open or non hold open at the time of fitting
• If the hold open clip is fitted, the door will open and engage the clip holding the door open in that position until the door is then pulled closed, making this an ideal product for summer doors

From Only: £16.90 Each
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Surface Mounted Friction Restraining Stay

• Allows opening between 90 and 100 degrees depending on positioning of head fixing plate and extrusion
• Suitable for timber, steel and aluminium windows and light doors
• Easy to fit with surface mounting onto door face
• Length 513mm

From Only: £46.50 Each
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Friction Mortice Restraining Stay

• Morticed into top edge of door leaf
• Also suitable for timber, PVCu and aluminium windows
• Allows opening between 70 and 110 degrees depending on position of head fixing plate and channel
• Aluminium channel with satin stainless steel plated arm

From Only: £27.50 Each
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Door Check Chain on Plates - Galvanised

• Size 450mm
• Typically used on garage, workshop or agricultural doors to limit the distance that the door can open
• Fit at the top of the door and frame and the chain will fall clear of the opening when the door is operated
• Can be used for securing garden furniture to a base, typically in a pub or restaurant garden. The furniture can be moved a short distance for ease of use or cleaning

From Only: £5.40 Each
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Restrictors, stops and holders are designed to control the inward and outward opening angles of doors. Ironmongery Direct stocks; concealed door restrictors/stops, surface mounted friction restraining stays, and door check chains on plates, ideal for garages, workshops or agricultural doors. Our concealed door restrictors/holders and automatic door holders are ideal for summer doors where they are held firmly in position until they are pulled shut. Door and casement friction restrictor stays are a strong but simple design, ideally for windy locations where doors are secured into place so that they cannot be forcibly thrown open when the wind catches them. As well as this we offer a friction mortice restraining stay which is primarily morticed into place on the top edge of the door leaf, but also can be used in timber, PVCu and aluminium window applications.

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