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        Door handles

        Our range of door handles features types including Lever Handles on Backplate, Lever Handles on Rose, Pull Handles, Sliding Door Handles, Door Knobs and Multipoint Lock Handles for timber and uPVC doors.

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        Choosing The Right Door Handle

        Finding the perfect door handle can be a challenge, especially if you are buying on behalf of a customer. There are so many different types, styles and finishes to choose from that our range has grown to over 1,500 products, all of which are available for next day delivery.

        Both lever handles on backplate and lever handles on rose are able to provide a traditional or contemporary design depending on which style is required. Should the door need to be locked then a lock set with the correct centres, backset and case size will be required, as well as a cylinder and escutcheon in some instances. For doors which do not need to be locked then a latch will suffice. If you need advice on which complimentary products you may require, our team of qualified ironmongers are only a phone call away and will be happy to help.

        When choosing which handle is right for the project you are working on, it is important to keep in mind the use of the door itself. For example, a bathroom handle needs to be able to accommodate a lock but will not include a keyhole for privacy reasons. Instead they will feature a turn and release to lock the door from the inside, with many having the ability to unlock the door from the outside using a screwdriver, coin or similarly flat object should access be required in an emergency.

        You also need to consider the location of the door (internal or external), as this will impact the decision of which metals are most suitable for the handle. Black cast iron and stainless steel are both commonly seen on external doors due to their good resistance to corrosion, although different grades of stainless steel can suit less demanding environments. The British Stainless Steel Association feature a handy guide to the various grades on their website. Some handles will also be used more than others and therefore will need to be made of a robust metal, although popular finishes such as polished or satin chrome can be applied to most metals to make them more attractive.

        In regards to multipoint lock handles, we have hundreds of products in stock to suit both timber and uPVC doors. As the name suggests, these handles are designed to work with multipoint door locks which provide additional security as the door is locked in several places. Brands in our range include Carlisle Brass, Fab & Fix, Hoppe, Trojan and Yale. The term pull handles can refer to the D-shaped handles you often find on corridor doors in public buildings and also the flush pulls that are fitted to sliding doors. We have selections of each available and also sell the push plates and finger plates that are also used in public buildings and work places.

        To assist wheelchair users who have reduced reach, door handles should be easy to grip and use as well as being fitted 850-1000mm above floor level in order to comply with Approved Document M – the part of the government’s Building Regulations relating to ‘Access to and use of Buildings.’

        Unless you know what you are doing we would always recommend using a tradesman to fit your door furniture. If however you would like to try this yourself, this video on how to fit an interior door handle is worth a watch to compliment the other research you will have carried out. All of our handles come with the required screws & fixings which is one less thing to worry about.