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Door locks and lighting can deter thieves

Posted on: 07 February 2012

Since most thieves tend to be opportunistic, the best way to avoid ever falling victim to a burglary is to stop yourself from becoming a target in the first place.

So, as well as ensuring you have installed good-quality door locks, it is important that your home has lighting to produce good visibility from the road or neighbour's houses if possible, as thieves are far less likely to act if they feel they may be seen.

Natalie Timmerman, spokeswoman for independent lighting consultancy Light IQ, has pointed out how important lighting can be for home security.

She said: "It is highly important that a light source is available at the front door in the correct position, firstly to see your way in, and secondly to prevent unwanted callers attempting to enter your property.

"Having a light in this area can act as a type of deterrent."

Motion sensitive lights outside your home are a particularly effective security measure to ward off potential intruders, while indoor lights left on while you are out is another useful deterrent.

Adequate lighting will also ensure that, while thieves won't be tempted to venture near the property, you can see your own way into the home if you reach the house after dark.

Natalie added: "Consider you are arriving home after a day at work, it can sometimes be a fumble for your door keys and a guestimate of where the lock is if you do not have enough immediate light."

For your personal safety, it is also a good idea to make sure all of your door latches and locks are in good condition and not stiff or resistant, as no one wants to spend time outside their house battling to get in the front door.

Check all locks on doors and windows regularly and replace them when if they seem in poor condition or if you have lost any of the keys.

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